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Make sure the will is carried out to the letter. For our probate services, call us today on 023 8063 2733

Someone signing a will

What happens when someone dies

Under a will, executors are appointed to deal with the administration of your Estate. They can arrange the funeral and afterwards deal with payment of debts and, eventually, distribution of the assets in your Estate.

Being an executor is a difficult and technical job with a lot of possible pitfalls. Appointing us as your executors can remove stress and worry.

Sorting out the estate

At the start of the probate process, we’ll collect all the assets of the estate. We’ll take care of all the paperwork, including paying off debts, Inheritance Tax and funeral costs (out of the assets provided assets are are sufficient). Once that’s done, we will distribute the assets accordance with the will.

 Two people arguing over a document

Resolving disputes

Sometimes people challenge a will, claiming that it’s out of date or invalid. With our legal expertise, we deal with such matters as quickly and effectively as possible. We can refer you to the right experts if the matter proceeds to litigation.

2016-01-31 19:01:59

“Mr Davies has been very helpful and patient. He has worked with us to simplify matters. We are very pleased with our new wills which have been explained to us in detail. This has been of great assistance since I am partially sighted. The service we have received has been excellent and we would be happy to recommend CGM to our friends and family."

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