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Protect your future self. To set up lasting
powers of attorney,
call us today on
023 8063 2733

A power of attorney document

Choose who’ll make your choices

Losing the ability to make your own choices is a terrible thing,
so make an important decision now.

By granting lasting power of attorney to someone you trust, you can seek to ensure that your interests will be protected even if you lose the ability to choose. We will prepare and if necessary register the power of attorney, and even act as your attorney if required.

Preserving your health and welfare

Sadly, through accident or old age, you may find yourself in a position of deteriorated health. When you are unable to tell doctors or carers how you want to be treated, your attorney can make representations on your behalf.

We can advise you on the possibility of legitimately mitigating Care Home costs.

A solicitor talking to a client

Relieve the worry of finances

Don’t understand finances? Afraid your estate will waste away if you can’t monitor it? You can appoint an attorney to look after your property and financial affairs.

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“Thank you for your help and understanding.”
L. Sainsbury

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