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Make sure your loved ones get the maximum with Inheritance Tax planning. Call us today on 023 8063 2733

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Get more for your loved ones

If you want to make a will, you will no doubt want your loved ones to receive as much of your estate as possible. That’s why you should plan for Inheritance Tax. If the value of your estate is above the threshold, they may have to pay 40% Inheritance Tax before they can receive any of your assets. Work with us and we will try to minimise this as much as possible for you and your loved ones.

Assessing your estate

Naturally, the first thing we need to do is work out whether Inheritance Tax will apply to your estate. Yours savings and any property in your name will be taken into account in assessing the threshold over which Inheritance Tax may be payable. We will do this for you.

Professional advice

Talking to us will give you a clear outline of what is possible with your estate, whether there are tax savings possible, and if there is anything you can or need to do now.

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