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Don’t leave it too late.
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Be wise and plan ahead

Death is naturally uncomfortable to think about, especially your own. But uncomfortable or not, it will happen one day, and perhaps without warning.

It’s important to be prepared, and the time to act is now. We’re here to support
you and make these preparations easy to understand.

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Thinking about others

The laws of intestacy (relating to when you die without a will) may lead to a different outcome with regard to your property after your death than the one you want. A properly drafted will can ensure that your wishes are carried out and, for instance, your choice of charity can benefit.

A solicitor talking to a client

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Even while you’re alive, you may lose the ability to make and communicate your own choices. To avoid an expensive application to the court before you reach this position, you can appoint a suitable friend or loved one to manage your affairs or appoint a member of this firm. Granting someone power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf ensures you get the care you want and keeps your finances well-managed for future generations.

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“Having met Jayne a year ago there was an instant connection. Jayne is professional in her approach to everything, goes the extra mile and is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives she is involved with. Nothing has been too much for her, 100% is the minimum you will get from Jayne.”
Michaela Nicholas, Professional Advisor for McCarthy & Stone

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