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Stand up for yourself – say no to domestic violence. Call us today on 023 8063 2733

A man grabbing hold of a woman's wrists

Speak out

Violence at home is never justified. If you’ve been a victim, speak out and get justice for yourself. We’ll be right beside you.

If you’ve ever been hit, forced to have sex or been threatened or bullied or been a victim of domestic violence, we can take the matter to Court on your behalf. The violence can come from your partner, a relative or anybody else. Sometimes it’s psychological rather than physical, but mental cruelty is abuse as well.

A woman thinking, a man staring at her in the background

Take a stand

You won’t change your situation by putting up with it. Being patient tells them that their acts of violence are acceptable, putting you in more danger and potentially endangering those around you, including your children. Stand with us and free yourself from abuse.

A solicitor talking to a client

Get peace of mind

When you leave your abusive partner, the threat of violence may go with you, like a shadow in the back of your mind. We can go to court on your behalf to obtain an injunction to prevent your attacker coming near you. Legal aid may be available for these cases, in certain circumstances.

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Charlotte Hember

Charlotte Hember has significant experience is domestic violence matters. She has a proactive attitude and will fight her client’s corner with vigour.

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