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Protect the integrity of your family. To deal with family law Court matters
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Divorce and family proceedings

Sometimes those closest to us can cause us the most distress. Both of you are sure you’re in the right, and with so much history, these disagreements can be emotionally charged and very hard to untangle alone.

It often takes a professional to make real progress and get satisfactory results. We will seek to take the heat out of matrimonial proceedings while still standing up robustly for your rights. We will deal with your divorce as expeditiously as possible.

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Finances and children

We can advise you on how to achieve the best financial solution following your divorce or relationship breakdown and assist you with arrangements for your children. We can represent you in court, dealing with the advocacy ourselves, where appropriate.

Court proceedings

If unfortunately matters can’t be resolved amicably, we can represent you in court. This can be a daunting prospect, but we will take you through it and take the fear out of it and usually deal with the Court hearings through our own advocates, thus ensuring continuity as the person who knows your case intimately will be the person putting your case before the Court.

A solicitor talking to a client

“You have been so helpful and efficient and made the whole experience bearable.”
Caroline Cox

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